Are Home Security Cameras a Good Idea?

Home security camera placement Cutler Bay, FL

Are you a new Home Owner?

Are you afraid of leaving your home with all your valuable goods inside?

Do you feel unsafe in your neighborhood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be one of the thousands of people per year that suffer property crimes, read the following tips on reasons to have a Camera System installed in your house and stay protected from any possible mayhem.

Presence of Camera System Deters Burglary by 300%!

Wireless outdoor security cameras Miami, FL

It seems rather unlikely that just the presence of a Camera System already deters burglars and thieves from their goals, but it has been proven, according to, that a Protected Home is 300% less likely to be broken into. Smart criminals don’t want to be seen or get caught on video and be brought to justice, they look closely before breaking into a protected property. There are also other thieves that risk it and will still try breaking in, but since you have it protected, you have more possibilities of retrieving your goods back and having the unlawful burglars arrested.

Get Lower Insurance Rates

Home security system Miami, FL reduces insurance rates

Think abroad, think smart, having a security system will impact your Insurance Policy. While having protection you will be also saving money on your home or property insurance. If you come to experience a mayhem and the insurance will refuse to reimburse you for a good due to lack of proof, that can be avoided with a camera system, having a recorded video will make you protected from insurance flaws and guarantee your reimbursements. For the new Home Owners, always keep in mind, a secured home will qualify for lower rates and greater approval possibilities.

Live in Comfort

Home video surveillance system Miami, FL


It isn’t a doubt that a security system provides a high sense of protection, even more, if you are in a more active area. Depending on the camera system you have installed you might have the capacity of having remote access to your cameras anywhere you go, on your phone, tablet, and computer. Remote Access will give you the comfort of leaving your belongings protected, and within the reach of a hand where you can monitor and supervise any suspicious activity, whether you are traveling, going to work or just want a more convenient method of playing back the surveillance footage.

Effective Protection of your Home & Property

Facial recognition via home security system Miami, FL

Technologies advance every day, having a new and well-recognized camera system can put you in the right path. Police Departments fully encourage homeowners to own camera systems, with the Advancing Facial Recognition Software, images from security footage can fully assist in capturing burglars and eventually recovering stolen goods. It is also recommended by the law enforcement agencies for homeowners to have cameras at eye level, enhancing face recognition.

Having the right security camera hardware allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your property. Elite Security’s Experts in Home Surveillance will walk you through the appropriate level of protection for your wants & needs through our comprehensive home security analysis.

Evidence Availability

Evidence captured via indoor outdoor wireless security cameras Homestead, FL

Imagine you are caught in a bad situation, your neighbor’s dogs are running in your yard and ruining your prestigious grass, how will you prove your neighbor that they are destroying your property? Then you might want to have a camera system installed. Video retrieving can be instant and can be brought to your neighbor’s knowledge at any time, even by text. Evidence for other events that might negatively affect you can be avoided with a recorded video of the events, and evidence that can’t be easily destroyed and protect you from any lawsuits or undesired problems.


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