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Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Tips

Enjoy your spring break with these home security tips from Elite Security Alarm Systems, one of South Florida’s premier home security alarm companies.

Spring Break is on the way and it’s a time to relax and enjoy the days off. Many families decide to take this time to travel and stay the week out. But unfortunately, in many homeowners mind there is the doubt of leaving their home alone. And the insecurity questions always haunts them: Did I […]

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Steps to Keep Your Home Safe

Home with a home security system Miami, FL

The main focus of burglars is empty properties or those with an empty look, often in quiet neighborhoods. Our home is a place where we want to feel safe and comfortable. These are some tips for homeowners that wish to reduce the possible vulnerability. Entry Mechanisms Installation of a double lock on the entry doors, also […]


Why HD Cameras Are The Best Choice For Home Video Surveillance

Best wireless home security camera system Miami, FL

To learn more about high definition security cameras with 24/7 monitoring, call the expert team at Elite Security Alarms. We can implement surveillance cameras to protect your family and your home. 

Give The Gift Of Home Security This Christmas

Get the gift of a home security system

Enjoying the season of giving is what the winter holidays are all about. However, because thieves know that homes during the holidays are filled with gifts, it should also be a time of vigilance.

Holiday Vacation Checklist To Keep Your Home Safe While Traveling

Whether you will be traveling to visit family or just taking a much-needed vacation, there are some very important security measures to put in place before you leave.

Stay Safe This Halloween: 12 Essential Tips For The Big Night Out

Life safety monitoring Miami, FL over Halloween

Although children look forward to tricks, treats, and ghoulish garb, Halloween can be fraught with fright for parents, with candy given to their kids by strangers and a legion of masked and costumed trick-or-treaters at the door.

Best Home Security Camera Placement Miami Fl

Home security camera placement Cutler Bay, FL

A well-placed camera can provide deterrence as well as identify a perpetrator should they attempt to break into the premises. But for security camera systems to be effective, they must be placed properly—and that is not a DYI project.

How Home Automation Simplifies Your Life

Why a home automation system Miami, FL can simplify your life.

Everyone knows the age-old adage “time is money,” but translating that into life may seem difficult for a lot of people. With only so many hours in the day, how is it possible for somebody to be that much more productive than they already are? The answer is home automation.


Increasing Your Bottom Line Through Simple Security

Improve the bottom line with small business security systems Miami, FL

More retailers are seeing the importance of having a professional recommend solutions that can be fully integrated to provide valuable actionable intelligence which results in a lower total cost of ownership.


“This system is fantastic. Super easy to install, activation takes seconds, online monitoring and controls are amazing…I can monitor my doors, alarm settings and even turn my lights on and off from my cell phone! ”

Bob B.
Miami, FLA