5 Ways a Home Automation System Saves You Money

Home automation systems are no longer stuck in the pages of science fiction novels or on episodes of the Jetsons… They are here now and are incredible tools to help save you money. Here are 5 ways that a home automation system can help you do this:

1)      Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

One of the biggest cost savings when installing a home automation system is to your heating and cooling costs. By installing an Elite Smart Thermostat or a Nest Thermostat Control, you can program your climate control systems to reduce energy use when you are not there or sleeping, and heat/cool your home when you are present, so you can enjoy it in comfort. Several studies have shown that by using a smart thermostat, you can save anywhere between 10 to 15% on your heating/cooling bills each year.

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2)      Save on Your Electric Bill

Using devices such as smart power strips, and occupation detectors to help monitor and control electricity usage are good tools to have within your home automation system. They save electricity by turning off power to lights in unoccupied rooms, turning off devices that are not in use, and powering down electronics that stay on and drain energy even when not in use. This can save you up to several hundred dollars on your electric bill annually.

3)      Homeowners Insurance Discounts

Most major homeowner’s insurance carriers offer discounts when you install a home automation system. Some of them also offer discounts or “rebates” on smart home equipment such as Ring Video Doorbells, motion sensors, and home security systems. Insurance companies see the benefits of improving energy consumption, increasing security from theft, fire, and carbon-monoxide leaks, and many others and provide these discounts to encourage more people to install home automation systems.

4)      Theft Prevention

Break-ins not only result in the loss of your valuable possessions, but also in damage to your property. Broken doors and windows are not uncommon, and because few of these crimes are ever solved, prevention may be the best way to save money.

Even installing something as simple as a Nest Doorbell Camera can serve as a deterrent to “porch pirates” from stealing your valuable packages dropped off at your front door.

5)      Saves Time

Everyone has heard the old saying “time is money” and this applies to owning a house with a home automation system. Being able to run your home with a free application on your phone is a tremendous time saver. Not to mention the time savings and peace of mind you gain when you think you forgot to turn off the iron, when you are 4-hours away from home on a well-deserved vacation. A press of a button on your phone can shut it off while driving to your beach house, and prevent the wasted time involved with heading back home to take care of it.

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