What to Look for in a Security System Monitoring Company

Securing your home or business by engaging a security system monitoring company can be an intimidating challenge. There are so many options available and new equipment appearing on the market all of the time which can make this decision overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you select an alarm monitoring services company that is right for you.

Provides Several Monitoring/Equipment Packages to Choose From

One size fits all will never work for an alarm system for your home or business. Each location has unique challenges and security risks associated with it, and trying to make one type of security system fit the bill will not provide the best security for the location.
Security system monitoring Miami, FL
An excellent security system monitoring company offers several different business and smart home security systems for you to choose from. These packages offer different types of equipment such as doorbell cameras, smart locks, and outdoor cameras. Some packages may even offer home automation features such as smart thermostats.

Provides Security System Installation as Part of the Package

Alarm monitoring is one small element of a security system for your home or business. In order to make sure that the monitoring services work well, you need to select the right equipment for the job and install it the right way. This works best when your alarm monitoring service provides security system installation as part of the overall package. That way the installation team can provide any critical information about that particular location for the alarm monitoring team up-front, so they can be aware of it and plan accordingly.

Has Knowledgeable Staff

Because a security system is a significant investment for your home or business, you need to have the best, up-to-date information about the options available to you in order to make the best decision for you. But you are busy, and don’t have time to keep up with the latest technology and trends in security systems and alarm monitoring services. A superior alarm monitoring services company employs staff that keep up to date with this information, answer any questions you might have and make recommendations for the best possible security system at an affordable price.

Uses a Mobile App to Control the Security System

Although dedicated security system control panels are still a part of most security systems, more and more companies offer the option of using a security system app that can be accessed from any phone, tablet or other electronic device. This provides an added level of convenience for people who want this option.

Provides Free Quotes

An excellent alarm monitoring services company always provides a free quote for its services. This often involves an onsite visit to carefully assess the challenges and risks associated with that location, and help select the best security system/monitoring services package that provides the highest level of security within your budget.

Elite Security Alarm Systems is South Florida’s Premier Security System Monitoring Services Company

Elite Security Alarm Systems has been serving South Florida since 1997 and provides security system monitoring services to numerous homes, schools, motels, restaurants and other businesses. To get a free quote for alarm monitoring services, give us a call at (305) 245-5266 or fill out our simple online quote form.

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5 Steps to Keep Your Business Safe from Burglary

Burglar alarm monitoring Pinecrest, FL

Whether your business is small or whether it’s little, nothing can prepare you or get you ready for what comes with a burglary to your business. The economic hit that you take is always unexpected.

When you hear of security systems, people always assume that it is only for homes. NO! Your business needs protection as well. Statistics show that you’re more likely to be robbed at your place of business before you are robbed at your home. Isn’t that insane?

The following 5 steps are some steps that we, Elite, have come to realize help with keeping a business from staying safe of a burglar.

Step 1: Light up your business like it’s a Christmas tree

Keeping the lights on at your business can mean the difference between life or death sometimes. But they definitely will have the intruders thinking if there’s someone there. Installing motion sensors at each key point entrance is good too. They allow you to know when you have unexpected activity going on. Like in homes, we also suggest that you keep any landscaping outside of your business low and clear. Burglars can use things like bushes and trees to hide behind to use as covers while intruding.

When you’re in the spotlight, you’re bound to stand out. Lighting on the outside also can make it easier for others to see what’s going on at your establishment as well.

Step 2: Arm yourself. Stay protected!

Obtaining an Alarm, and/or Security System is very helpful. Having a security company come out and evaluate your business, to customize a security plan that best works for you and your company. Installing motion sensors, for that unexpected movement. Or, cameras, to monitor what goes on when you’re absent from the location. Always consider a company that works in your best interest, and also monitors 24/7. They will have a response team in the case of an emergency, at your door within minutes of alarms or panic button going off.

These safety measures are effective if done correctly. In the event that someone were to burglarize your property, always remember to keep your valuables in a fire safe. Any and all important documentation, such as (i.e: financial records, bank information for the business and important passwords/codes)  should always remain protected.   Make sure that your safe meets the specifications of your insurance company, we all know how much of a pain it can be when you’re not up to code. So take it seriously, and speak to a professional.

Step 3: Be vigilant, with everyone and anyone

Have you ever heard to always look in your yard before you look into the yard of others? Well, that reflects on your business as well. The danger is not always outside of the door, it also comes from those sitting beside you. Surprised? or not yet. Let’s hope you’re not surprised with anything of this matter, but you can never put it past anyone. When hiring, you have to be mindful and hire people that meet the criteria of course, and that they’re trustworthy. “Not everything that shines is Gold”. However, taking the proper measure eliminates or narrows it down.

Getting yourself an extra set of “eye’s in the sky” wouldn’t be a bad move either. You’ll have eyes and ears on the business at all times, and it helps you keep an eye out for sticky fingers IF someone has them, employee or visitors.

Step 4: Perimeter Surveillance

You can never be too safe, so why not take the “eyes in the sky” from inside of the business to the outside. Installing cameras on the outside of your business will show everyone that you’re serious about your security, and you mean business. Not only will it be a red flag for burglars trying to get in, but it’s also a red flag to those burglars or trespassers that rather stay on the outside. Vandalism, loss or stealing of personal property, or even those pesky little dumpster divers that you’ve been eager to catch, are just a few of the things you’ll be able to  If you’re unable to install security surveillance equipment, it can still help to make the public think you do have it. Displaying signs that your business is being monitored makes you a less tempting target to thieves.

In addition to high-tech security solutions, traditional measures like security fencing can help to protect your company. Barriers deter intruders from making their way onto your property, and they can work in conjunction with perimeter detection systems to reduce your risk of theft. From the inside and OUT.

Step 5: Lock Up and Secure Windows and Doors

It’s easy to forget a few steps of your daily routine, like, locking a door, or a window. But a small mistake like that can cost you a lot of money. Investing in well-made windows and doors for your business can make a difference. Metal frames are best. Always conduct a perimeter check in your business,  inspect the windows and doors of your establishment before and after every shift. Window and door contacts are installed by the security companies and come with most security systems. They’re good for detecting if any window or door is open and when. Your monitoring center will notify you of this at all times.

When installing the right windows, doors, and locks for your business, it’s important not to cut corners to try and save money.  What’s more important is your employees should all know how to lock up and enable the alarm system. If not, designate 1 person to be the trustee with the alarm codes and keys for lockup and opening.

Protecting Your Business with Professional Security Systems

Today, having a business is a big deal. That’s why making sure you take care of it is important. Keeping your family and business is always your priority. Always make sure that you go with a company that makes you feel safe and provides you & your business with the proper tools. I hope these steps were helpful to them, as they were to me.

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Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Tips

Spring Break is on the way and it’s a time to relax and enjoy the days off. Many families decide to take this time to travel and stay the week out. But unfortunately, in many homeowners mind there is the doubt of leaving their home alone. And the insecurity questions always haunts them: Did I lock the Back Door? Did I arm the alarm? What if someone goes into my house?

Here are some tips to avoid any incidents on your home while you are gone:

Set Timers

Studies conducted on past years show that unoccupied homes are more vulnerable to burglars. When leaving the house, leave a light or equipment on that might disguise as presence in house. Devices such as TV or Radios can be set to a timer, turning on exactly at time that the sun goes down. Also, on the outside the installation of timing lights or solar sensor lights that will illuminate your home.

Spring break home automation security system tips


Security Locks

It’s obvious that most burglars are looking for vulnerabilities in someone’s property to break in and take over their possessions. One of the most effective tools to enhance your protection is installing different locks. On the windows, you can install window locks that will prevent a burglar from force opening your window while you being out, while it is also a great feature for those hurricane times. It’s very common the practice of lock picking in many crimes. Locks with a smart lock or reinforced is the best option for your home safety, avoiding the lock picking anyhow.

Home automation system Miami, FL

Plan Ahead and Contract an Alarm Company

The Company will install an Alarm System

Houses that doesn’t contain an alarm system can be more vulnerable. Alarm protection can make the property 300% less vulnerable to any suspicious activity. 24/7 Monitoring Services also ensures that Dispatch or Emergencies services arrive at your residence in time to prevent worse problems. Some companies will provide mobile service, being that you can enable or disable your alarm from wherever you are. Also, from the mobile application you are able to monitor who arms and disarms the alarm system, keeping wider control over your property.

Locks as part of the best home security system Miami, FL

The Company will install an Surveillance System

Burglars nowadays are advanced and expert on their activities. They are able to break into someone’s house and the person wouldn’t notice easily. When Law Enforcement come to report the incident there is almost no evidence due to their expertise. A awesome tool available to avoid this problems are the presence of cameras. Having a camera system installed also collaborates on identifying a threat and getting a profile. Remote Monitoring is also available for the cameras, so anywhere you are, you can login into the application and view your house from anywhere.

Alarm monitoring services Coral Gables, FL

Have you taken these steps yet?

Fell comfortable to enjoy your Spring Break with relief that you belongings are safe!

Spring break alarm monitoring services Miami, FL

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Steps to Keep Your Home Safe

The main focus of burglars is empty properties or those with an empty look, often in quiet neighborhoods. Our home is a place where we want to feel safe and comfortable. These are some tips for homeowners that wish to reduce the possible vulnerability.

Entry Mechanisms

Installation of a double lock on the entry doors, also there is available the keypad locks which enables owners to type in a code if they forgot their key. Keypad Locks offers a higher security standard, blocking a possible burglar from picking or bumping the door locks.

Nest Yale Lock as part of a home security system installation Cutler Bay, FL

Strategic Placement of Security Cameras

Installing cameras in the house is a great advantage for your house. Security Cameras well placed can cover every track of the property and creates a barrier for intruders. Camera Doorbells can also monitor the entry/exit of the property. Both of these mechanisms have the capability of motion detection, with the right configuration, it will tell owner where and who set off the motion detector.

Home security camera placement Homestead, FL

Alarm System

Home Owners can also contract a Security Alarm Company that can provide extra protection. Most alarm companies will supervise your property and dispatch help in case of fire or emergencies. Most exceptional security companies will allow owners to manage their system through mobile application. The majority of burglars gain entry to the home via the front door, back door and first floor windows. Having a system in place will trigger immediate response to the property.

Burglar alarm monitoring Cutler Bay, FL


Make sure that your house is well illuminated. Install motion lights if needed, not only are they economic, but also can be set within your alarm system. Proper lighting is not only stylish on a home, but it provides extra layers of security. It let’s those outside your home feel as though you may be at home, along with the fact the lighting exposes them to be visible to you, your pets, neighbors or anyone else that may be driving by. Burglars are looking for easy targets, and a well-lit home is not a very easy target.

Residence with home alarm monitoring services Miami, FL


Why HD Cameras Are The Best Choice For Home Video Surveillance

On previous years the standard CCTV system was used for protection, being used to identify criminals and terrorists. With the technology advancing, High Resolution cameras are taking security to another level. Since the elderly systems processed images on a transmission basis from 30-50 years ago, high resolution was never seen. These high resolution pictures are no struggle for the new HD Cameras out there today.

Where the Technology is Now

Modern digital technologies present new opportunities. There has been a huge emphasis on the development of megapixel technology and transmission of video streams via modern computer networks in the past few years. Sending high-resolution images over the Internet is now easily possible. The process of recording, compressing, and storing the image sequences has been integrated into the cameras themselves. This gives high definition cameras a huge advantage over any other home security configuration.

Remote Access is a Big Advantage

One of the best advantages of the modern networked camera technology is the ability to access live and stored images while on the go. With the right home security system, this can be done remotely over the network, from anywhere in the world. So any incident or suspicious behavior even neighborly hijinks – can be investigated without the need for someone on site or having to stop the recording to view the stored sequences. Also the possibility to report a suspicious activity comes to great comfort when someone is outside their home.

Facial Recognition Now Possible

In the past, video technology was limited by a low refresh rate that resulted in cloudy images during playback. As a result, criminals were not always prosecuted to the full extent of the law since facial recognition was not a complete profile. These days, the low playback rate has been fully overcome with the high definition technologies. Facial recognition with plenty of detail is possible – a fact that is great news for homeowners. Not only can they be certain who is entering their home and when, but they can review it from multiple cameras, being able to help local enforcement of detailed characteristics of a suspect.

About Elite Security Alarms

To learn more about high definition security cameras with 24/7 monitoring, call the expert team at Elite Security Alarms. We can implement surveillance cameras to protect your family and your home.

Give The Gift Of Home Security This Christmas

Enjoying the season of giving is what the winter holidays are all about. These are also times when thieves know that homes during the holidays are filled with gifts,  being it a time of vigilance for homeowners. Take these precautions to ensure that your home is protected from a holiday break-in this winter.

Lock Up

Always close and lock the doors and windows of your home if you’re leaving, even if just for a short trip. The garage door is also a popular entrance point for thieves, so keep it closed even when you’re home. Don’t forget to lock the door to the garage in the event that thieves gain access to the garage. Be sure to never leave a spare key outside the house—thieves know where to find them.

Always Make it Look Like Someone is Home

Automate your lights in and around your home and put them on a schedule (using your mobile App) to come on at certain times, for example at sunset.

This serves as an excellent deterrent. Guiding away treats whether you quickly stepped out from home or is out of town on vacation. If you leave town, have the mail and newspaper picked up by a neighbor or request to have it stopped. You may even want to hire a house sitter for extra protection.

Store Valuables in a Safe

Store your Jewelry and other small objects of great value in a safe. Another alternative to a safe is a bank’s safety deposit box, protecting things you don’t need regularly.

Invest in a Quality Home Security System

Nothing will deter a thief like a cutting-edge, professionally installed home security system. A high-quality system should include motion detection triggers, video surveillance, and central monitoring features.