How to make your home smart, using today’s technology.

Ask Alexa/Siri/Google and control your home! How can this technology be used in your home? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how.

Devices for smart home security system Homestead, FL

Be in control, of EVERYTHING!

Many of us have the bad memory of leaving the door unlocked, or leaving our bedroom lights on when we leave the room or home. But, we didn’t have a way of going back and doing so. Now we do! The face of the future. How cool is it to control the lights, cameras security systems, doorbells, and even the thermostats for your home, from virtually any and everywhere. Be in control. With simple commands like, “Alexa, Good night!” and program it to do things such as; dimming or turning off lights in a certain room or setting your alarms before bed. Who knew technology would be so much fun.


When you think about safety, you think of cameras and alarm systems. Arming in before leaving and after returning. Leaving on or turning off lights in the home. Things we have all learned to worry about when thinking of safety. Now that technology is at it’s best, it’s now easier to just about anything. From seeing who’s at your front door, to what your pet cat is doing at home while you’re gone at work, your home cameras give you access to see everything. However, they, unfortunately, don’t work with your lights and locks in the home. Alexa, Siri, and Google do though and they are rock stars at it. Say “Alexa”, “Hey Siri” or “OK Google” and tell them what to do. Virtual voice-controlled assistants (Alexa, Siri, and Google) make it easy to control smart home products by speaking simple commands. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses, so make sure that you choose whoever works for your needs.

Thanksgiving Day: Past and Present

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Miami, FL

Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. It is the time when friends, family come together to be thankful and festive. Turkey, cranberry sauce, corn bread, grandma’s famous stuffing. Yum!! The list goes on and on. As the generations change, new plates come to the table and new traditions are being established. ALL OVER THE WORLD. But, how did Thanksgiving Day come to be? Keep reading, lets find out together.

Truth Behind The Turkey

The first ever Thanksgiving Dinner was in 1621. The Pilgrims sailed to the North American edge of wilderness all the way from England. After establishing themselves, months after arriving to the USA, they came together to have what we now call “Thanksgiving”. Celebrating with a harvest with the tribe that help make everything happen. Local fish, corn and squash. What did they do? you may ask. The tribes of Squanto and friendly Wampanoag protected them from the other tribes, that were a bit hostile or territorial. They are the band of colonists that succeeded in establishing the foothold of the North American wild. More than 200 years later, President Abraham Lincoln decared that the final Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. It became an official holiday in 1941.

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Coral Gables, FL

Fun, and Food

Did you know that 248 million turkeys will be raised this upcoming year, so that next year you can have a yummy turkey in the middle of your family dinner table.  Nearly 88% of those turkeys will be cooked for Thanksgiving. That’s just the main guest at your table. There are a list of other plates, such as: Ham, berries, fruit, pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. Eating isn’t the only thing to do on Thanksgiving day, there is also the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Annual Parade. Takes place in New York, NY and displays all of the local businesses floats. Overall, the parade brings the celebration of the day to life. Today, over 3 million people attend this beautiful parade, and another 44 million watch on television. Did I forget to mention that there is a annual Thanksgiving day football game? I told you there’s more to do, other than just eat. Since 1934, Football has joined the families of so many Americans across the country as a way of entertainment before dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Kendall, FL

Be Thankful!! Today and always.

What are you thankful for this year? Family, a new relationship? Just life? This shouldn’t be the only time to be thankful in your life, but its definitely one that does great together. It’s in the name, THANKS-giving. It is the time to give thanks for everything you have. There are many people on the streets begging to get a few dollars just to feed themselves. There are a lot of people who aren’t grateful for what they have. Be thankful EVERYDAY. Not just on Thanksgiving. The holiday has turned out to be one of fun and family. Something to be thankful for itself because you’re rejoicing and coming together with family and friends to eat great food and enjoy each others company. Here’s an idea for a new tradition this year, take a decorative pumpkin and place it on the main table. While praying for the food or before partaking in the feast, one family member grabs the pumpkin and says what they’re thankful for. Pass the pumpkin around and see what everyone else is thankful for this year. Who knows, someone might be thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Miami, FL

Happy Thanksgiving from our Elite Security Family to yours… Enjoy!

Midterm Elections: It’s meaning and why it’s so important to vote!


Importance of voting from Elite Security, provider if home security systems in South Florida

US History and it’s future.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “your vote counts” or “your voice matters”? Well, this is one of the times that having a voice matters the most. The midterm elections occur in the United States, during the month of November every four years, near the midpoint of a presidents 4 years term in office. If you’re asking yourself, what are you voting for? You’re voting for members to be placed in the United States Congress, including 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives, and 33-34 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate. Those are a lot of people, important people. Not only are you voting for your national seats, but some states are also voting for their governors.

Importance of voting from Elite Security, provider if home security systems in South Florida

Get out and vote! Your opinion matters.

You might be thinking that the midterm elections don’t matter. In many ways, the midterm elections matter even more. If you control the congress, you can control the country. There is so much at stake, such as; gun reform, environmental policy, health care, student loans, criminal justice reform, immigration, woman rights and reproductive rights. The list goes on. Everything is on the ballot, you have the chance to make a difference by voting. All of the 435 seats are open. The party that controls capitol hill basically decides which direction our country will be going in. How exciting is that? Make you feel connected and powerful. And that’s just federal. Locally, if you’re in one of the 36 states that get to vote for governor this year, you get a say in all of your local elections. In fact, a lot of the policies affecting your day-to-day life, are coming out of local government.

Importance of voting from Elite Security, provider if home security systems in South Florida

This is the year that this changes. We’re going to raise our voices, louder then we’ve ever had before and let ourselves be heard. REGISTERSHOW UP and VOTE!!!

Halloween’s Safety “Trick and Treat”

Tips and Tricks before going Trick-or-Treating

There are so many things that kids look forward to on Halloween every year. Dressing up like their favorite princess, or superhero. Spooky stories, pumpkin patches and cinnamon smelling brooms. Who else loves those huh? Well, all together make up one of the most anticipated nights of the year. As adults, we look forward to seeing our children dress up and get into character as they prepare for the biggest costume parade ever (so they think). Around this time of year, families gather at tables with all the children, and do arts & crafts. Here are some tips and tricks for this years spooky festivities.

1. Carve and Enjoy

Pumpkin carvings, who else loves those? The only time of the year that parents don’t fight with the children about playing around with their food, while creating your own work of art on their pumpkins. Placing them on porches all over the world, on display for everyone to see. Although it may seem fun, it can also be very dangerous. Leave the carving to the adults, and children are in charge of decorations. Markers, glitter, paint and some glue. They’re many different tools that have made it “safe” for children to use, but anything can happen when having fun. After the pumpkin is all carved and ready to go, there is just one more step, the CANDLE. For better control, I suggest to buy a battery operated flameless candle. It gives off the image of an original burning candle, with less the risk. But, if you want to go original and place a candle inside of your jack-o-lantern, use candles with care. BE sure to place it on a sturdy surface away from curtains and other flammable objects.

2. Be creative and DIY your costumes

Picking out what you’re going to be for Halloween, is mission #1 when the holidays roll around. Will the kids be princes’/princesses or superheroes’? What will I be? The question always comes up. Why not make it a little more interesting this year and create your own version of a store bought costume. The brighter, the better. It’s important that you keep in mind that trick-or-treating is normally held at night, where it is very important to stand out. Reflectors, or bright and light colors are always a good way to be seen. If you’re going out after dark, another good thing to use is reflective tape. The whole family will be seen, and safe. In case of a sudden chill outside, assure that your costume is a big lose to be able to wear clothes underneath your costume. Shopping for the correct size is important. The last thing you need on Halloween is a trick-and-trip over your shoes that resemble those of a clown. Avoid wearing face masks, or anything that can obstruct you or your child’s vision. Switch to makeup, it works miracles. Right ladies? Also, limit your accessories. Don’t go trick-or-treating with pointy objects, trade them out for flashlights or glow sticks. Pointy objects can be highly dangerous for you and also for the pedestrians around you.

3. Set rules. Trick-or-Treat with extreme care

It’s important to set ground rules on Halloween, in case the children are separated or lost. Trick-or-treaters under the age of 12 should be accompanied by an adult. Children have a habit of running off when they see their favorite superhero or character out on Halloween, and we know a way you can use in case you’re separated. If your child will be trick-or-treating without you, plan and discuss a familiar route and set a curfew. Review safety rules, including staying with a group of friends, walking only on the sidewalk, approaching only clearly lit homes, and never going inside a home for a treat. This is a perfect time to use those cell phones and stay in contact always. Have a family meal before heading out. Inspecting the treats before allowing your child to dive in can be very helpful. There are people out there that will try to hurt children and/or adults. 

4. Throw a party!!

If you’re like me, then you’re an over an obsessive parent with your children which isn’t entirely a bad thing. Consider throwing a Halloween party at your home. Decorate around the home, garages, and patios that you have around your home. Invite friends and family. Indulge in good food and some good tricks and treats. Plan to play games and compete for prizes. Another option is to go to your local church and other advertised places that host Halloween events at an earlier time and provide another safe alternative to celebrate. Whatever you and your family decide to do, make sure it is in everyone’s best interest and that everyone is safe.

5. Drive Safe

If you’re going to be commuting via vehicle, please remember that children are running around that night more then any other. Be very vigilant. Watch out for children on bikes or on foot running in between cars. Be careful driving around communities and places that have alleyways or driveways. Your extra set of eyes and ears this Halloween can ensure the safety of everyone, including your family.

From everyone here at Elite Security, we want to wish you a safe & “sweet” Halloween.

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5 Steps to Keep Your Business Safe from Burglary

Burglar alarm monitoring Pinecrest, FL

Whether your business is small or whether it’s little, nothing can prepare you or get you ready for what comes with a burglary to your business. The economic hit that you take is always unexpected.

When you hear of security systems, people always assume that it is only for homes. NO! Your business needs protection as well. Statistics show that you’re more likely to be robbed at your place of business before you are robbed at your home. Isn’t that insane?

The following 5 steps are some steps that we, Elite, have come to realize help with keeping a business from staying safe of a burglar.

Step 1: Light up your business like it’s a Christmas tree

Keeping the lights on at your business can mean the difference between life or death sometimes. But they definitely will have the intruders thinking if there’s someone there. Installing motion sensors at each key point entrance is good too. They allow you to know when you have unexpected activity going on. Like in homes, we also suggest that you keep any landscaping outside of your business low and clear. Burglars can use things like bushes and trees to hide behind to use as covers while intruding.

When you’re in the spotlight, you’re bound to stand out. Lighting on the outside also can make it easier for others to see what’s going on at your establishment as well.

Step 2: Arm yourself. Stay protected!

Obtaining an Alarm, and/or Security System is very helpful. Having a security company come out and evaluate your business, to customize a security plan that best works for you and your company. Installing motion sensors, for that unexpected movement. Or, cameras, to monitor what goes on when you’re absent from the location. Always consider a company that works in your best interest, and also monitors 24/7. They will have a response team in the case of an emergency, at your door within minutes of alarms or panic button going off.

These safety measures are effective if done correctly. In the event that someone were to burglarize your property, always remember to keep your valuables in a fire safe. Any and all important documentation, such as (i.e: financial records, bank information for the business and important passwords/codes)  should always remain protected.   Make sure that your safe meets the specifications of your insurance company, we all know how much of a pain it can be when you’re not up to code. So take it seriously, and speak to a professional.

Step 3: Be vigilant, with everyone and anyone

Have you ever heard to always look in your yard before you look into the yard of others? Well, that reflects on your business as well. The danger is not always outside of the door, it also comes from those sitting beside you. Surprised? or not yet. Let’s hope you’re not surprised with anything of this matter, but you can never put it past anyone. When hiring, you have to be mindful and hire people that meet the criteria of course, and that they’re trustworthy. “Not everything that shines is Gold”. However, taking the proper measure eliminates or narrows it down.

Getting yourself an extra set of “eye’s in the sky” wouldn’t be a bad move either. You’ll have eyes and ears on the business at all times, and it helps you keep an eye out for sticky fingers IF someone has them, employee or visitors.

Step 4: Perimeter Surveillance

You can never be too safe, so why not take the “eyes in the sky” from inside of the business to the outside. Installing cameras on the outside of your business will show everyone that you’re serious about your security, and you mean business. Not only will it be a red flag for burglars trying to get in, but it’s also a red flag to those burglars or trespassers that rather stay on the outside. Vandalism, loss or stealing of personal property, or even those pesky little dumpster divers that you’ve been eager to catch, are just a few of the things you’ll be able to  If you’re unable to install security surveillance equipment, it can still help to make the public think you do have it. Displaying signs that your business is being monitored makes you a less tempting target to thieves.

In addition to high-tech security solutions, traditional measures like security fencing can help to protect your company. Barriers deter intruders from making their way onto your property, and they can work in conjunction with perimeter detection systems to reduce your risk of theft. From the inside and OUT.

Step 5: Lock Up and Secure Windows and Doors

It’s easy to forget a few steps of your daily routine, like, locking a door, or a window. But a small mistake like that can cost you a lot of money. Investing in well-made windows and doors for your business can make a difference. Metal frames are best. Always conduct a perimeter check in your business,  inspect the windows and doors of your establishment before and after every shift. Window and door contacts are installed by the security companies and come with most security systems. They’re good for detecting if any window or door is open and when. Your monitoring center will notify you of this at all times.

When installing the right windows, doors, and locks for your business, it’s important not to cut corners to try and save money.  What’s more important is your employees should all know how to lock up and enable the alarm system. If not, designate 1 person to be the trustee with the alarm codes and keys for lockup and opening.

Protecting Your Business with Professional Security Systems

Today, having a business is a big deal. That’s why making sure you take care of it is important. Keeping your family and business is always your priority. Always make sure that you go with a company that makes you feel safe and provides you & your business with the proper tools. I hope these steps were helpful to them, as they were to me.

DIY Techniques to Secure your Home

Door lock home security systems South Florida

It can be night, it can be the day, burglars never choose a time to break in and take away what we have conquered. Although crime rates in the United States have decreased on the past 20 years, please advise that the burglary is not out of the picture and still a present and large risk to those that are homeowners.

On the main outlook, most people take on an Alarm System, protecting their home and ensuring Life Safety for those in the residences. There are also many other steps that can be taken into consideration, leaving fewer opportunities to the offenders. Look through these tips to ensure that your property is less vulnerable to any potential risk.

Don’t Forget to Put Away your Belongings

Tool belt life safety monitoring Miami, FL

Have your ever heard of the phrase “Better be Safe than Sorry”? Keep that phrase in mind when thinking of your home security! Burglars tend to look through and find your flaws before breaking in. Leaving your belongings at large can be very rewarding to a burglar that might be walking by your property. Avoid this problem by restocking and securing your belongings in a safe place after doing any work outside of your home.

Tag it, Secure it

Fence watched by outdoor security cameras Miami, FL

One of the most effective security measures that can be taken is to show Burglars that your house is protected. Have you ever passed by houses that have Security Alarms signs on their front yards? Security Signs is one of the first steps that can be taken to avoid any burglar to consider your property as a potential target. Signs can be found in most supermarkets and can serve as effective protection, it is also advisable for homeowners not to have Brand names on the signs as burglars have a profound knowledge of how security systems are installed and can use it for disabling systems and breaking in.

Need to Go? Don’t let them know!

Use lighting as part of a home security system Miami, FL

Need to do a Quick Travel? Are you taking some time off in the Bahamas? Need to go visit your family on another State? Keep anyone way from your home and be worry-free by taking care of your home while you are out. Studies show that houses that present Bad and Dark looks are more susceptible to burglaries and break-ins. To avoid the bad looks on your property you will need to have good lighting, present a clean property and show presence inside your home. Yard lights that go off with motion are one of the most repealing lights to have all around your property, putting out burglars and revealing their identities. If you need to travel, decide on taking a ride-sharing alternative than taking your own car, having your car home while you away also repel threats. Also take in consideration scheduling your Lawn Care provider to come by your property and perform their services, keeping a clean property is a good safety key.

You got Mail!

Protect your mail with a home security system Miami, FL

There is not a thing that burglars won’t target. Mail can be used as a flaw and potential risks for homeowners. Make sure to check your Mailbox every day and keep any mail from leaking through. For more secure Mailboxes, Homeowners can have a Lock Mailbox, which only allows mail to be put through and no away of removing unless having the right key. If you are going away there are several ways you can stay protected from risks. Visiting your Region Post Office and requesting a hold for your mail on the desired dates can be done and all mail will be storage for pick up when you make back into town. Also, if you have a trusty neighbor that you can pay or program for him to pick and store your mail, can be of great help and avoids the risks within.

No Contract Alarm Systems?

Smart home security system Palmetto, FL

Many companies nowadays offer Alarm Systems for DIYs (Do It Yourself), allowing clients to install their own Alarm System without any further assistance.  Also, there are DIY Systems for those that wish to install their own Camera Systems. Most clients choose to have the Security Your Way and make their property protected from burglary. DIY have shown effective and most recognized within the video doorbell cameras which have brought burglars right out off the streets. Also very important to keep your system monitored, assuring any emergency can be attended by local Law Enforcement.

Stay Tuned for More Tips and Recommendations!


Are Home Security Cameras a Good Idea?

Are you a new Home Owner?

Are you afraid of leaving your home with all your valuable goods inside?

Do you feel unsafe in your neighborhood?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be one of the thousands of people per year that suffer property crimes, read the following tips on reasons to have a Camera System installed in your house and stay protected from any possible mayhem.

Presence of Camera System Deters Burglary by 300%!

Wireless outdoor security cameras Miami, FL

It seems rather unlikely that just the presence of a Camera System already deters burglars and thieves from their goals, but it has been proven, according to, that a Protected Home is 300% less likely to be broken into. Smart criminals don’t want to be seen or get caught on video and be brought to justice, they look closely before breaking into a protected property. There are also other thieves that risk it and will still try breaking in, but since you have it protected, you have more possibilities of retrieving your goods back and having the unlawful burglars arrested.

Get Lower Insurance Rates

Home security system Miami, FL reduces insurance rates

Think abroad, think smart, having a security system will impact your Insurance Policy. While having protection you will be also saving money on your home or property insurance. If you come to experience a mayhem and the insurance will refuse to reimburse you for a good due to lack of proof, that can be avoided with a camera system, having a recorded video will make you protected from insurance flaws and guarantee your reimbursements. For the new Home Owners, always keep in mind, a secured home will qualify for lower rates and greater approval possibilities.

Live in Comfort

Home video surveillance system Miami, FL


It isn’t a doubt that a security system provides a high sense of protection, even more, if you are in a more active area. Depending on the camera system you have installed you might have the capacity of having remote access to your cameras anywhere you go, on your phone, tablet, and computer. Remote Access will give you the comfort of leaving your belongings protected, and within the reach of a hand where you can monitor and supervise any suspicious activity, whether you are traveling, going to work or just want a more convenient method of playing back the surveillance footage.

Effective Protection of your Home & Property

Facial recognition via home security system Miami, FL

Technologies advance every day, having a new and well-recognized camera system can put you in the right path. Police Departments fully encourage homeowners to own camera systems, with the Advancing Facial Recognition Software, images from security footage can fully assist in capturing burglars and eventually recovering stolen goods. It is also recommended by the law enforcement agencies for homeowners to have cameras at eye level, enhancing face recognition.

Having the right security camera hardware allows you to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your property. Elite Security’s Experts in Home Surveillance will walk you through the appropriate level of protection for your wants & needs through our comprehensive home security analysis.

Evidence Availability

Evidence captured via indoor outdoor wireless security cameras Homestead, FL

Imagine you are caught in a bad situation, your neighbor’s dogs are running in your yard and ruining your prestigious grass, how will you prove your neighbor that they are destroying your property? Then you might want to have a camera system installed. Video retrieving can be instant and can be brought to your neighbor’s knowledge at any time, even by text. Evidence for other events that might negatively affect you can be avoided with a recorded video of the events, and evidence that can’t be easily destroyed and protect you from any lawsuits or undesired problems.


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Should you worry about your Cyber Security?

Cyber Security is a higher and trending concern for most companies, although there are times that not even them can secure users accounts, that’s when users can taken on steps to prevent their information from being target of Cyber Hackers. Target, LinkedIn, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Sony, Facebook, Yahoo and others are some of the companies that were target of Cyber Hackers and exposed millions of user information. Having the correct protection and necessary awareness can prevent these problems, that are some effects to the leaking, many of each can be over frustrating. Let’s look at some things that can make you and your information less vulnerable.

Password Encryption

Password for small business security systems Miami, FL

It’s something common between all accounts online, the password! It is still very common for users to use simple words or easy words to guess as their passwords. A hint to make this less of a threat is to use random words that cannot be related back to you, combine it with numbers and symbols. That should protect your account much more. Also use of great password protection tools such as Last Pass, that stores your information safely preventing any exploitation of information.

Limit Valuable Information

Hacking protection by small business security systems Miami, FL

Hackers are always seeking a possible victim. With simple information about the person, or the siblings, hackers are able to take over accounts and cause chaos. The process is most know as Phishing and it can prejudice the owner of the information, obtaining username, passwords and even credit card information. Identity Theft is also plausible and can cause frustration to the user, recovering their information and solving the problems that may have been done is very hard. Avoid when surfing the internet type in any personal information that can jeopardize your protection and identity.

Automated Alerts

Fraud protection for small business security systems Miami, FL

Since most hackers choose to target Credit Cards and Debit Cards to make illicit purchases using victims information. It is always a preventive idea to check your transactions are make sure nothing illicit was done with your accounts. If it is something you have already been through, you are able to setup Fraud Alerts in all accounts so that any suspicious activity is stopped at the source. Banks nowadays have multiple notification options to make users more aware of the activities happening on the accounts. If you want to take it a step more strong on protection, you can call IRS and have them setup a Fraud Alert on your Social Security Number avoiding any possibility of Identity Theft.


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Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Tips

Spring Break is on the way and it’s a time to relax and enjoy the days off. Many families decide to take this time to travel and stay the week out. But unfortunately, in many homeowners mind there is the doubt of leaving their home alone. And the insecurity questions always haunts them: Did I lock the Back Door? Did I arm the alarm? What if someone goes into my house?

Here are some tips to avoid any incidents on your home while you are gone:

Set Timers

Studies conducted on past years show that unoccupied homes are more vulnerable to burglars. When leaving the house, leave a light or equipment on that might disguise as presence in house. Devices such as TV or Radios can be set to a timer, turning on exactly at time that the sun goes down. Also, on the outside the installation of timing lights or solar sensor lights that will illuminate your home.

Spring break home automation security system tips


Security Locks

It’s obvious that most burglars are looking for vulnerabilities in someone’s property to break in and take over their possessions. One of the most effective tools to enhance your protection is installing different locks. On the windows, you can install window locks that will prevent a burglar from force opening your window while you being out, while it is also a great feature for those hurricane times. It’s very common the practice of lock picking in many crimes. Locks with a smart lock or reinforced is the best option for your home safety, avoiding the lock picking anyhow.

Home automation system Miami, FL

Plan Ahead and Contract an Alarm Company

The Company will install an Alarm System

Houses that doesn’t contain an alarm system can be more vulnerable. Alarm protection can make the property 300% less vulnerable to any suspicious activity. 24/7 Monitoring Services also ensures that Dispatch or Emergencies services arrive at your residence in time to prevent worse problems. Some companies will provide mobile service, being that you can enable or disable your alarm from wherever you are. Also, from the mobile application you are able to monitor who arms and disarms the alarm system, keeping wider control over your property.

Locks as part of the best home security system Miami, FL

The Company will install an Surveillance System

Burglars nowadays are advanced and expert on their activities. They are able to break into someone’s house and the person wouldn’t notice easily. When Law Enforcement come to report the incident there is almost no evidence due to their expertise. A awesome tool available to avoid this problems are the presence of cameras. Having a camera system installed also collaborates on identifying a threat and getting a profile. Remote Monitoring is also available for the cameras, so anywhere you are, you can login into the application and view your house from anywhere.

Alarm monitoring services Coral Gables, FL

Have you taken these steps yet?

Fell comfortable to enjoy your Spring Break with relief that you belongings are safe!

Spring break alarm monitoring services Miami, FL

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Steps to Keep Your Home Safe

The main focus of burglars is empty properties or those with an empty look, often in quiet neighborhoods. Our home is a place where we want to feel safe and comfortable. These are some tips for homeowners that wish to reduce the possible vulnerability.

Entry Mechanisms

Installation of a double lock on the entry doors, also there is available the keypad locks which enables owners to type in a code if they forgot their key. Keypad Locks offers a higher security standard, blocking a possible burglar from picking or bumping the door locks.

Nest Yale Lock as part of a home security system installation Cutler Bay, FL

Strategic Placement of Security Cameras

Installing cameras in the house is a great advantage for your house. Security Cameras well placed can cover every track of the property and creates a barrier for intruders. Camera Doorbells can also monitor the entry/exit of the property. Both of these mechanisms have the capability of motion detection, with the right configuration, it will tell owner where and who set off the motion detector.

Home security camera placement Homestead, FL

Alarm System

Home Owners can also contract a Security Alarm Company that can provide extra protection. Most alarm companies will supervise your property and dispatch help in case of fire or emergencies. Most exceptional security companies will allow owners to manage their system through mobile application. The majority of burglars gain entry to the home via the front door, back door and first floor windows. Having a system in place will trigger immediate response to the property.

Burglar alarm monitoring Cutler Bay, FL


Make sure that your house is well illuminated. Install motion lights if needed, not only are they economic, but also can be set within your alarm system. Proper lighting is not only stylish on a home, but it provides extra layers of security. It let’s those outside your home feel as though you may be at home, along with the fact the lighting exposes them to be visible to you, your pets, neighbors or anyone else that may be driving by. Burglars are looking for easy targets, and a well-lit home is not a very easy target.

Residence with home alarm monitoring services Miami, FL