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Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Tips

Enjoy your spring break with these home security tips from Elite Security Alarm Systems, one of South Florida’s premier home security alarm companies.

Spring Break is on the way and it’s a time to relax and enjoy the days off. Many families decide to take this time to travel and stay the week out. But unfortunately, in many homeowners mind there is the doubt of leaving their home alone. And the insecurity questions always haunts them: Did I lock the Back Door? Did I arm the alarm? What if someone goes into my house?

Here are some tips to avoid any incidents on your home while you are gone:

Set Timers

Studies conducted on past years show that unoccupied homes are more vulnerable to burglars. When leaving the house, leave a light or equipment on that might disguise as presence in house. Devices such as TV or Radios can be set to a timer, turning on exactly at time that the sun goes down. Also, on the outside the installation of timing lights or solar sensor lights that will illuminate your home.

Spring break home automation security system tips


Security Locks

It’s obvious that most burglars are looking for vulnerabilities in someone’s property to break in and take over their possessions. One of the most effective tools to enhance your protection is installing different locks. On the windows, you can install window locks that will prevent a burglar from force opening your window while you being out, while it is also a great feature for those hurricane times. It’s very common the practice of lock picking in many crimes. Locks with a smart lock or reinforced is the best option for your home safety, avoiding the lock picking anyhow.

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Plan Ahead and Contract an Alarm Company

The Company will install an Alarm System

Houses that doesn’t contain an alarm system can be more vulnerable. Alarm protection can make the property 300% less vulnerable to any suspicious activity. 24/7 Monitoring Services also ensures that Dispatch or Emergencies services arrive at your residence in time to prevent worse problems. Some companies will provide mobile service, being that you can enable or disable your alarm from wherever you are. Also, from the mobile application you are able to monitor who arms and disarms the alarm system, keeping wider control over your property.

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The Company will install an Surveillance System

Burglars nowadays are advanced and expert on their activities. They are able to break into someone’s house and the person wouldn’t notice easily. When Law Enforcement come to report the incident there is almost no evidence due to their expertise. A awesome tool available to avoid this problems are the presence of cameras. Having a camera system installed also collaborates on identifying a threat and getting a profile. Remote Monitoring is also available for the cameras, so anywhere you are, you can login into the application and view your house from anywhere.

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Have you taken these steps yet?

Fell comfortable to enjoy your Spring Break with relief that you belongings are safe!

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