Why HD Cameras Are The Best Choice For Home Video Surveillance

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On previous years the standard CCTV system was used for protection, being used to identify criminals and terrorists. With the technology advancing, High Resolution cameras are taking security to another level. Since the elderly systems processed images on a transmission basis from 30-50 years ago, high resolution was never seen. These high resolution pictures are no struggle for the new HD Cameras out there today.

Where the Technology is Now

Modern digital technologies present new opportunities. There has been a huge emphasis on the development of megapixel technology and transmission of video streams via modern computer networks in the past few years. Sending high-resolution images over the Internet is now easily possible. The process of recording, compressing, and storing the image sequences has been integrated into the cameras themselves. This gives high definition cameras a huge advantage over any other home security configuration.

Remote Access is a Big Advantage

One of the best advantages of the modern networked camera technology is the ability to access live and stored images while on the go. With the right home security system, this can be done remotely over the network, from anywhere in the world. So any incident or suspicious behavior even neighborly hijinks – can be investigated without the need for someone on site or having to stop the recording to view the stored sequences. Also the possibility to report a suspicious activity comes to great comfort when someone is outside their home.

Facial Recognition Now Possible

In the past, video technology was limited by a low refresh rate that resulted in cloudy images during playback. As a result, criminals were not always prosecuted to the full extent of the law since facial recognition was not a complete profile. These days, the low playback rate has been fully overcome with the high definition technologies. Facial recognition with plenty of detail is possible – a fact that is great news for homeowners. Not only can they be certain who is entering their home and when, but they can review it from multiple cameras, being able to help local enforcement of detailed characteristics of a suspect.

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