Should you worry about your Cyber Security?

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Cyber Security is a higher and trending concern for most companies, although there are times that not even them can secure users accounts, that’s when users can taken on steps to prevent their information from being target of Cyber Hackers. Target, LinkedIn, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Sony, Facebook, Yahoo and others are some of the companies that were target of Cyber Hackers and exposed millions of user information. Having the correct protection and necessary awareness can prevent these problems, that are some effects to the leaking, many of each can be over frustrating. Let’s look at some things that can make you and your information less vulnerable.

Password Encryption

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It’s something common between all accounts online, the password! It is still very common for users to use simple words or easy words to guess as their passwords. A hint to make this less of a threat is to use random words that cannot be related back to you, combine it with numbers and symbols. That should protect your account much more. Also use of great password protection tools such as Last Pass, that stores your information safely preventing any exploitation of information.

Limit Valuable Information

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Hackers are always seeking a possible victim. With simple information about the person, or the siblings, hackers are able to take over accounts and cause chaos. The process is most know as Phishing and it can prejudice the owner of the information, obtaining username, passwords and even credit card information. Identity Theft is also plausible and can cause frustration to the user, recovering their information and solving the problems that may have been done is very hard. Avoid when surfing the internet type in any personal information that can jeopardize your protection and identity.

Automated Alerts

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Since most hackers choose to target Credit Cards and Debit Cards to make illicit purchases using victims information. It is always a preventive idea to check your transactions are make sure nothing illicit was done with your accounts. If it is something you have already been through, you are able to setup Fraud Alerts in all accounts so that any suspicious activity is stopped at the source. Banks nowadays have multiple notification options to make users more aware of the activities happening on the accounts. If you want to take it a step more strong on protection, you can call IRS and have them setup a Fraud Alert on your Social Security Number avoiding any possibility of Identity Theft.