Thanksgiving Day: Past and Present

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Miami, FL

Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. It is the time when friends, family come together to be thankful and festive. Turkey, cranberry sauce, corn bread, grandma’s famous stuffing. Yum!! The list goes on and on. As the generations change, new plates come to the table and new traditions are being established. ALL OVER THE WORLD. But, how did Thanksgiving Day come to be? Keep reading, lets find out together.

Truth Behind The Turkey

The first ever Thanksgiving Dinner was in 1621. The Pilgrims sailed to the North American edge of wilderness all the way from England. After establishing themselves, months after arriving to the USA, they came together to have what we now call “Thanksgiving”. Celebrating with a harvest with the tribe that help make everything happen. Local fish, corn and squash. What did they do? you may ask. The tribes of Squanto and friendly Wampanoag protected them from the other tribes, that were a bit hostile or territorial. They are the band of colonists that succeeded in establishing the foothold of the North American wild. More than 200 years later, President Abraham Lincoln decared that the final Thursday in November as a national day of thanksgiving. It became an official holiday in 1941.

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Fun, and Food

Did you know that 248 million turkeys will be raised this upcoming year, so that next year you can have a yummy turkey in the middle of your family dinner table.  Nearly 88% of those turkeys will be cooked for Thanksgiving. That’s just the main guest at your table. There are a list of other plates, such as: Ham, berries, fruit, pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. Eating isn’t the only thing to do on Thanksgiving day, there is also the famous Macy’s Thanksgiving Annual Parade. Takes place in New York, NY and displays all of the local businesses floats. Overall, the parade brings the celebration of the day to life. Today, over 3 million people attend this beautiful parade, and another 44 million watch on television. Did I forget to mention that there is a annual Thanksgiving day football game? I told you there’s more to do, other than just eat. Since 1934, Football has joined the families of so many Americans across the country as a way of entertainment before dinner.

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Be Thankful!! Today and always.

What are you thankful for this year? Family, a new relationship? Just life? This shouldn’t be the only time to be thankful in your life, but its definitely one that does great together. It’s in the name, THANKS-giving. It is the time to give thanks for everything you have. There are many people on the streets begging to get a few dollars just to feed themselves. There are a lot of people who aren’t grateful for what they have. Be thankful EVERYDAY. Not just on Thanksgiving. The holiday has turned out to be one of fun and family. Something to be thankful for itself because you’re rejoicing and coming together with family and friends to eat great food and enjoy each others company. Here’s an idea for a new tradition this year, take a decorative pumpkin and place it on the main table. While praying for the food or before partaking in the feast, one family member grabs the pumpkin and says what they’re thankful for. Pass the pumpkin around and see what everyone else is thankful for this year. Who knows, someone might be thankful for you.

Happy Thanksgiving from Elite home security alarm companies Miami, FL

Happy Thanksgiving from our Elite Security Family to yours… Enjoy!