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How to make your home smart, using today’s technology.

Ask Alexa/Siri/Google and control your home! How can this technology be used in your home? Keep reading and we’ll tell you how. Be in control, of EVERYTHING! Many of us have the bad memory of leaving the door unlocked, or leaving our bedroom lights on when we leave the room or home. But, we didn’t […]

Thanksgiving Day: Past and Present

Thanksgiving is one of America’s favorite holidays. It is the time when friends, family come together to be thankful and festive. Turkey, cranberry sauce, corn bread, grandma’s famous stuffing. Yum!! The list goes on and on. As the generations change, new plates come to the table and new traditions are being established. ALL OVER THE […]

Midterm Elections: It’s meaning and why it’s so important to vote!

  US History and it’s future. Have you ever heard the phrase, “your vote counts” or “your voice matters”? Well, this is one of the times that having a voice matters the most. The midterm elections occur in the United States, during the month of November every four years, near the midpoint of a presidents […]

Halloween’s Safety “Trick and Treat”

Life safety monitoring Miami, FL over Halloween

Tips and Tricks before going Trick-or-Treating There are so many things that kids look forward to on Halloween every year. Dressing up like their favorite princess, or superhero. Spooky stories, pumpkin patches and cinnamon smelling brooms. Who else loves those huh? Well, all together make up one of the most anticipated nights of the year. […]

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5 Steps to Keep Your Business Safe from Burglary

Whether your business is small or whether it’s little, nothing can prepare you or get you ready for what comes with a burglary to your business. The economic hit that you take is always unexpected. When you hear of security systems, people always assume that it is only for homes. NO! Your business needs protection […]

DIY Techniques to Secure your Home

It can be night, it can be the day, burglars never choose a time to break in and take away what we have conquered. Although crime rates in the United States have decreased on the past 20 years, please advise that the burglary is not out of the picture and still a present and large […]

Are Home Security Cameras a Good Idea?

Home security camera placement Cutler Bay, FL

Are you a new Home Owner? Are you afraid of leaving your home with all your valuable goods inside? Do you feel unsafe in your neighborhood? If you answered yes to any of these questions you might be one of the thousands of people per year that suffer property crimes, read the following tips on […]

Should you worry about your Cyber Security?

Life safety monitoring Miami, FL

Cyber Security is a higher and trending concern for most companies, although there are times that not even them can secure users accounts, that’s when users can taken on steps to prevent their information from being target of Cyber Hackers. Target, LinkedIn, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Sony, Facebook, Yahoo and others are some of the […]

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Enjoy Your Spring Break with These Tips

Enjoy your spring break with these home security tips from Elite Security Alarm Systems, one of South Florida’s premier home security alarm companies.

Spring Break is on the way and it’s a time to relax and enjoy the days off. Many families decide to take this time to travel and stay the week out. But unfortunately, in many homeowners mind there is the doubt of leaving their home alone. And the insecurity questions always haunts them: Did I […]


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